New born babies may seem like all they want to do is to sleep, eat and poo; and for most new parents this can be more than enough to deal with. However from an early age your babies senses are developing at a rapid rate, constantly being bombarded by information and experiences from the new environment to which they’ve been delivered. As with most hot blooded mammals human infants use play to explore and develop the many skills they’ll use for the future.

New toys are often more than forthcoming upon the delivery of a new baby, in fact for many of us the increasing number can provide somewhat of a ‘space issue’ in what we used to call our homes, and what is now fast becoming the toy department of our local store. So, out of the vast array of colours, bells, whistles and textures, how can we ensure that we pick out engaging, friendly and safe toys that can really benefit our little ones development in their earliest years.

With many of the questions and demands from parents at the forefront Lamaze have produced a range of infant development toys based upon their philosophy of healthy parenting. Designed in conjunction with child development professionals and understanding that what matters most to parents is keeping their children healthy, happy and safe, Lamaze have made it easy for you to choose the toy that’s both developmentally appropriate for your child as well as being the most enjoyable. 

Colour coded age grades are used on packaging to help find the right toy for family and friends, or perhaps for those seeking alternative ideas to your typical baby clothes bouquets in the way of baby shower gifts for expectant parents. Most importantly all Lamaze toys meet or exceed safety regulations.freddiethefirefly

Lamaze have created a fantastic range of baby friendly toys to help engage and stimulate your child’s senses. Making use of both black and white patterns, bright colours and an assortment of textures Lamaze have created a range of fun filled and tactile characters including Freddy the Firefly, a particular favourite of my 6 month old daughter, Logan the Lion and Sir Prancelot.

Lamaze’s developmental toy’s are perfect for new born babies through to 24 months, with a variety of different textures and play to learn features including peek-a-boo mirrors, crinkle textiles, teething and textured rings, and much more to help develop your babies interest in finding new objects and learning the different textures that they’ll experience later on in life.

Sound is one of the first and most important senses that a baby will develop and because of this all of the Lamaze developmental toys have rattles, squeaks or horns to help develop your babies hearing and understanding of what objects make what noise.

Lamaze put all their toys through stringent health and safety checks including a rigorous independent analysis to ensure your child is able to have fun without you worrying about what they are chewing on. So if you’re looking for a long lasting companion that can help to engage and stimulate your child from a young age, Lamaze toys come highly recommended, enjoying praise from parents around the world.