If 2014 is going to be the year when lots of your friends start having babies (yes you’ve now probably got to that age!) chances are that you’ll be attending several baby showers and of course looking for  baby shower gifts . 

Well if you’re looking for some fab gifts at reasonable prices, we can obviously help over at GooGooGifts.co.uk  However, if you’re looking for something more extravagant and quite frankly over the top! Check out our list of the 10 most expensive gifts   celebrities have bestowed upon their offspring.
Sandra Bullock must have seen great artistic potential in Louis’s finger paintings as she splashed out $14,000 on the famous piece ‘Peaches’ by Andy Warhol.

 For Shiloh’s (a girl if you’re not to sure) third birthday, father Brad Pitt brought her not one, but two diamond and platinum necklaces, one of them worth $15,000, Not too bad for a 3 year old. We can only imagine she will receive many more expensive gifts throughout her childhood.

 In eighth place is the child of super star couple JayZ and Beyonce. In preparation for Blue Ivy’s arrival, JayZ and Beyonce paid an incredible $15,000 on a diamond encrusted high chair. Yes, we can here the cries of ‘why’ from here, one can only hope that when the high chair is plastered with baby food they may regret not opting for a straight forward wipe clean surface.

 Now dear old Mariah Carey has never been famed for being particularly grounded, and in typical tinsel town style her and hubby Nick Cannon’s twins had two luxury nurseries in LA and one in New York kitted out with majestic carriage cribs worth $20,000 each. With a self-proclaimed Diva for a mother, the twins were never going to have anything other than the most extravagantly crazy and expensive to secure them in.

You might think that it’s just the Americans that go slightly over the top for their offspring, but here is our British equivalent from our very own Oscar winning warbler, Adele, who was reported to have spent a whopping $54,000 on sounds and lights for her son’s nursery. That must be an extremely good light show for that sort of money.

Now the King and Queen of pop were never likely to appear just once in this top ten list, and this is their second entry for Blue Ivy Carter, something almost every little girl wants, a Barbie Doll, which was given to her on her very first birthday. Hold your horses though, this was not just any old Barbie, oh no; this was an $80,000 custom-made Barbie doll. One can only imagine that little Blue will receive a similarly expensive Ken doll for her second birthday?

Every kid loves a tree house don’t they? Somewhere they can use as a secret den, and have sleepovers with their friends. Well Tom Cruise may have gone a little over the top with Suri’s $100,000 tree house, that has working electricity, running water, ‘shag carpets’ a full security system in place and a team of nannies on stand-by to take care of Suri’s every need. In all intense in purposes Tom bought her a house, talk about a hint to move out as soon as.

 We couldn’t have a list of the most expensive gifts given to their children without having our very own Beckham’s getting a mention. So, coming in at number three, are Posh & Becks having spent an incredible $240,000 on ‘decorations’ for Harper’s nursery. With more money being spent on decorations than the average family house, we can safely presume it’s going to look pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Narrowly missing out on the top spot is our favourite couple J & B (it’s quicker) with their entry for Blue….., whose parents weren’t afraid of splashing the cash when she was born, even if she wouldn’t be able to use her first toy, a solid gold rocking horse for a couple of years, worth a massive $600,000.

And the top spot goes too *enter drum roll* Elton John and David Furnish’s adopted son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John with his very own $2,000,000 nursery, next to the couples Los Angeles apartment, complimented with two live in nannies. Enough said we think.