Girls in this age group has a fondness for the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll – Jewel Sparkles. The doll makes it to the top 10 Christmas gifts list for girls a second time this holiday season.  The doll, Jewels Sparkles is currently the best selling Lalaloopsy dolls with her cute sparkly costume. As girls mature, they become intrigued by the number of accessories for dolls which also includes dressing up their dolls in beautiful clothing.  The Lalaloopsy Doll was the best selling dolls range in the Christmas shopping frenzy and it is easy to see why. These dolls are a very cute range of rag dolls. Each character has her own story and comes with an adorable little pet. The age range is aimed at little girls age 6 and up but younger ones will love them too.

The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll gets her name because of the different hair styles that can be styled from the straight hair look to curls and twists.  In addition to the various dolls available in the Lalaloopsy doll range, you can also buy clothes and accessories. These should fit normal sized dolls as well. The package also includes hair beads and clips which makes styling the hair even more elaborate. Further the doll comes with a pet that has a tail that can also be styled. The clothing and other Lalaloopsy dolls are also sold separately. The dolls are not recommended for girls under three years of age because of small parts. In addition to the Jewel Sparkles doll is Lalaloopsy land. So where is Lalaloopsy Land? It is a make believe land where these rag dolls live. You can visit it on You Tube which is probably a significant factor in the phenomenal success of this product. Each rag doll takes on a character based on the material that it has been made from. When the last stitch has been sewn, the little rag doll comes alive.

So let’s get acquainted with the other little cute Lalaloopsy doll toys:

  • Crumb Sugar Cookie who thinks she is a chef because she is made from the remnants of a chef’s uniform. She loves to bake and treat all of her friends.
  • Tippy Tumbelina is a ballerina that was made from an old tutu. She comes with an adorable white swan as her little toy.
  • Dot Starlight is a dreamer always looking up at the universe. She was made from an old astronaut uniform and dreams of revisiting outer space.
  • Bea Spellsalot is the complete opposite to Dot Starlight. Bea Spellsalot was made from an old school uniform. She thinks she is very clever and likes to show off her knowledge. She is also a stickler for the rules and has a little owl as her pet.
  • Peanut Bigtop is the clown of the group and loves to make her friends laugh with her antics. Her little pet is a cute elephant with his own top hat.

All the Lalaloopsy dolls have a plastic head and hair. They are relatively easy to clean and many people think they will become collectible items in the future.  Once you purchase one of the dolls, you might find that you just have to own all of them. If you plan on buying the Lalaloopsy dolls to place on a shelf, be warned. They are so cute you will find it hard to resist taking them out to play with. Is there any downside to these dolls? The biggest complaint is the packaging, which is difficult to remove.  So, take your time when taking the doll from the box.

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