Lockdown comes with many challenges. For some, the isolation impacts their mental health, for others, sitting idle is challenging. Many people have expressed that they’re exhausted and frustrated, trying to work from home while keeping their children entertained. How can we support one another and share the love during a lockdown? Here are five tips for doing just that:

  1. Send Gifts To Acknowledge Special Days

While certain places of work might be closed, public gatherings banned, and celebrations on hold, there are still birthdays and anniversaries taking place. Make someone’s special day less lonely by sharing the love. Thanks to Facebook, it’s easy to know exactly when to send gifts like gourmet hampers to acknowledge special occasions. 

It’s not only the happy occasions either. Many people are mourning the anniversaries of losing loved ones. These painful milestones are all the more challenging for those who are in isolation, so even a small gesture from you can make a huge difference. 

  1. Exercise Together

Use the time in lockdown to improve your health and get stronger and fitter. Exercise isn’t only great for your figure, it’s going to keep depression and anxiety at bay by pumping feel-good endorphins through your body. Doing it with a friend makes it so much easier and combats the feeling of isolation. 

If you’re looking for ways to support a loved one in lockdown, encourage them to download a fitness app with you and sign up for the same routines so that you can log in together and motivate each other. You can do anything from aerobics or dance to Muay Thai or boxing. A healthy level of competition can keep spirits high and tighten the bond between loved ones. 

  1. Cook Together

There are so many amazing cooking courses online. Much like exercising, experimenting with food is something you can do with a loved one, even if you’re isolated from one another. Sign up for cooking classes together, dust off your cookware, and learn something new. Once you have learned a stack of new recipes, challenge each other to see who has mastered them. Plan a dinner to share when lockdown is over to keep you motivated and excited about acquiring new skills. 

  1. Send Activities For Kids

While working from home might sound idyllic and relaxed, when there are children to care for, it can feel overwhelming. If you have a loved one in lockdown with kids, a thoughtful gesture could go a long way and help. Send activities via mail, like coloring-in books, mosaic kits, beading kits, and other crafting items. The trick to getting it right lies in choosing kits that are age-appropriate, safe, and require very little adult input. 

  1. Have A Check-In Routine

Being in lockdown is difficult for many people, impacting their mental health negatively. If you are worried about a loved one who may be going through a lot or who generally struggles with depression, create a check-in schedule. Each day at the same time, have a phone call or send a message. It might not seem like a big gesture, but to the person on the other end, having someone reach out daily could be a lifesaver. It’s not necessarily that you’re there to fix their problems. Rather, it’s that someone cares enough to check on them. This can make a tremendous difference. 

Be The Support You Wish To Receive

Reach out and check on others. Stay connected with what’s happening in other people’s lives so that you can share the love and show you care. In return, you will be supported and find joy in a sense of community.