Black Friday has come and gone and Cyber Monday followed right along but all around the clock you’ll see, little elves working hard for you and me. Have a peek of what is going on with our crafty and creative elves right here in the December 3rd edition of The Christmas Crafts Carnival! Thank you elves for sharing your projects and ideas!


Garland Land posted at Amy Quarry has a wonderful presentation of homemade garland ideas great for Christmas decorating. If you’re ever stuck on ideas on how to dress up your home during the holidays, tutorial links are provided so that you too can make your own festive garlands.

Mortira N vanPelt presents Lights and Tinsel posted at Inspirational Beading, saying, “This is the first Christmas edition of my beading blog, which discusses types of beadwork and color use.”

Posted at Gather is a compilation of fun do-it-yourself holiday craft ideas just in time for Christmas! presents What crafts are you working on for holiday gifts?

Keep the little ones entertained with these cheerful Christmas activities and games for kids.

Have you ever wondered what to do with the old polka dotted, frilly skirt of yours? Well using a recycled skirt, Melanie presents Tree Skirt Finished! and it is posted at Melbie’s Creative Space. Her tree skirt is something a Christmas tree would be very proud to wear!

For more ideas see Homemade Christmas Ornaments and How to Create a Christmas Scrapbook by Athlyn Green at Christmas arts Crafting Ideas posted at Alternative Health/Holistic Living.

This is an Easy Homemade Gift Idea and a gift that I would love to receive because it is so charming, pretty and useful. Read more of The Adventures Of The Williams Family at Happy Campers. Summer shows us her Little Felt Stars at Wired For Noise. These are charming felt star ornaments great for holiday decorations. It’s just like a real star fell right out of the sky!

You can make printable Printable Christmas Cards by downloading free Christmas Card designs of you choice then printing it up and folding it. More information is posted at Home Life Weekly. Giorgina Devereaux presents How to Decorate a Christmas Tree at Home Decor Blog. After reading this post, you’ll be inspired to decorate for Christmas. Great ideas and tips!

Now this is just too cute! Mama Bear presents T Shirt Bag – A Christmas Project #1 posted at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill. I can’t wait to get started on one of these. Annette Berlin presents Fashion Accessory Projects posted at Craft Stew, saying, “This year, instead of buying an overpriced and mass-produced gift, create your own one-of-a-kind fashion accessory for the folks on you list. Scarves, wallets, key chains and belts are all quick and fun projects.”

Lisa presents Kris Kringle posted at la femme papier, saying, “this will be my design for all my xmas cards I am making to send out this year!” Browse around here and you’ll find more wonderful projects on this blog.

That concludes my first Carnival. Thank you everyone for submitting your projects and ideas. I am so pleased with the responses I have received that I’ve decided to post all crafty entries. Please join me again on my next carnival which I will host at the Hawaii WAHMs blog. If you have ever wanted to visit Hawaii or have a favorite story to tell about Hawaii, please submit your post to my Carnival of Hawaii using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.